Thursday, December 24, 2009

120. - Wedding Gown in the Snow

Photograph 120

So, I haven't uploaded photos in like, ten days. But I have good excuses! I was reading! Books... fantasy books! That's a good reason to neglect blogdom, right? Ok, well, in all seriousness, we went to my mom's cousin's wedding this weekend (in two feet of snow). It was actually snowing during her wedding, in Virginia. Did I mention it snowed two feet? We got stuck 2x on the way to the church (but some nice people from the neighborhood with two wheelers helped us get out). They had to move the reception and move up the time of the wedding from 5 to 12, and it was a good thing my aunt the hairdresser was there because the one signed up canceled. But it worked out, and they're married (that's the important thing). Anyways, this is a photo of the Bride's train in the snow with rosepetals.

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