Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hey all my (nonexistent) followers! I am currently in Denver, my family and I are going to the Grand Canyon North rim, Bryce, Zion, Mesa Verde and Etc. So I won't be able to download my photos for a couple weeks. At the end I'll upload my photos for the two weeks I'm gone.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

10. - Seashells

Photograph 10
Seashells in my makeshift window.

Friday, August 28, 2009

9. - Ferris Wheel

Photograph 9
This is the Ferris wheel at a fair we went to a couple weeks ago. I entered three chickens and several arts & crafts. On Sunday night we went to pick everything up, while we were there I took several photos of the Ferris wheel. It's a bit grainy because it was too dark out, but I think it looks pretty with the rose color of sunset behind it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

8. - Key

Photograph 8
This is an old key to a china cabinet that belonged to my great grandmother or something like that. The wood in the background is actually our kitchen table. :D

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

7. - Bottles

Photograph 7

This is actually set up, I took a bunch of bottles and a window and a wooden table outside and then took a picture with it, cause we don't have any windows that look like that or let through enough light.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6. - Beavertail

Photograph 6

This is my little brother, T. at Beavertail. It's this point off the island with rocky cliffs and a lighthouse. We had gone to see the waves from hurricane Bill, not intending on going swimming. We walked all around the cliffs on the other side, up to the lighthouse, and then we scaled down the cliffs on this side. This was a little sheltered cove; we had been here before and gathered cool rocks and seaglass. But the waves were really high today and kept surprising everybody. Plus the kids kept on getting as close as possible and then they'd run away. T. eventually just jumped in.

Monday, August 24, 2009

5. - Purple Flower - Chicory

Photograph 5

I found these flowers on the grounds near the lighthouse yesterday. It looks to me like it's probably a Chicory.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

4. - Lighthouse

Photograph 4

Actually, this isn't a picture of the actual lighthouse, actually. Heh. It's part of the house attached to the lighthouse, where the lighthouse keeper and his family used to live. Anyway, I thought the curtains and the window looked pretty against the blue sky. It was a very good sky for taking photos today, it was sunny and there were nice wispy clouds too. This lighthouse is on a point and we spent almost the whole day wandering around the surrounding rocks. Hurricane Bill just came through, so the waves were really high.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

3. - Pincushion

Photograph 3

Um, yes. This is my mother's pincushion. It's a tomato... I think.

Friday, August 21, 2009

2. - Parakeet

Photograph 2

This is our friend's parakeet (the same family that loaned me the book in #1). The birds didn't like the camera AT ALL. I have a better picture, but as I said, I'm paranoid. In the other one the bird is perched on a picture frame and complements the wallpaper perfectly.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

1. - "Perfect Behavior"

Soooo.... first post. I'm overly paranoid about people stealing my photos offline, so it's really dumb of me to write this blog, eh? Oh, well. Here's the first picture, day 1. I'm going to do a picture every day if possible, and say something about the picture. I want to try to take more photos this year (like I need too, ha!).

Photograph 1

This is a really funny old book, published in 1922 I believe. (My nana was 11! ... and she's 98 now!) Anyways, a day or so ago we went over to a friend's house for my little brothers' art class. While they were doing their art thingy, I sat with the grownups and took pictures of the family's parakeets (got some cool photos of them, too!). It was the first time I had been to the L.'s house, so Mrs. L. showed me around. It's really old and cool, and you have to go through bathrooms and other people's bedrooms to get to your own, it's sort of amusing. She then showed me a history book of the particular town they lived in; it had a list of all the past owners of the house. Well, one thing led to another and she showed me this book. I guess they found it in the house when they moved in. It got a plus with me immediately, cause it looked like it'd be awesome in a photograph. She read a little bit of it, it's hilarious! It's a satire of old-fashioned manners and rules... very funny. She didn't even realize it was a parody until I told her later on. We were about to leave and at the last moment I ran back inside and asked if I could borrow it. It has all sorts of funny things in it, what the etiquette is if you get run over by a car, how to get introduced to a lady if you don't have any of the same friends (burn down her house and help her up when she trips over the rope you put across her walkway when she flees the burning building), how to take care of a baby, etc. It's VERY amusing... I haven't finished it yet.

Here's an excerpt, I already typed it down on facebook, may as well copy and paste.

The Automobile one:

"It is never correct for young people of either sex to push older ladies in front of swiftly approaching motor vehicles or street cars.

A young man, if run over by an automobile driven by a strange lady, should lie perfectly still (unless dead) until an introduction can be arranged; the person driving the car usually speaks first."

The Engagement one:

"After you have secured the girl's permission, it is next nessicary to notify her father of the engagement. In this particular case, as he happens to be your employer, the notification can take place in his office. First of all, however, it would be advisable to prepare some sort of speech inadvance. Aim to put him as far as possible at ease, lead up to the subject gradually and tactfully. Abruptness is never "good for". The following is suggested as a possible model.

"Good morning, Mr. Doe, say, I heard a good story from a traveling salesman last night. It seems there was a young married couple - (here insert a good story about a young married couple). Wasn't that rich? Yes, sir, marriage is a great thing - a great institution. Every young man ought to get married, don't you think? You do? Well, Mr. Doe, I have a surprise for you, (here move toward the door). I'm going to (here open the door) marry (step out of theroom) your daughter."(close the door quickly)."