Monday, December 6, 2010


 A self-portrait using a tripod for Iheartfaces. If you click on it it should get bigger. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

235. - Girl

Photograph 235

Walking through the woods in Easter clothes.

234. - A Pink Flowered Tree

Photograph 234

Nobody in my family knows what kind of tree this is... I think it's cherry, but I'm not sure.

233. - Doggie

Photograph 233

He barked at me.

232. - Church

Photograph 232

A boarded up old church.

231. - Bamboo

Photograph 231

Near a stream over at our neighbor's house.

230. - Red Barn

Photograph 230

A red barn at the end of our street. Some guy there uses it as a workshop and makes crafts there.... bunny hutches, wreaths, stuff like that. I messed with it on Picnik and made everything B&W except for the barn, then I set a tint on it.

229. - Mugs

Photograph 229

Coffee mugs in a shop window.

Friday, March 26, 2010

228. - Pine Needles covered with Snow

Photograph 228

227. - Mist

Photograph 228

226. - Need a Hand?

Photograph 227

Get it? It's a pun! ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (Yeah, I know, it's not very punny.)

225. - Door

Photograph 226

An old photograph from my walk in Wickford.

224. - More Fog and Birds

Photograph 225

You can hardly see the birds in this one.

223. - Graveyard

Photograph 224

While I was out on my misty expedition.

222. - Birds in the Fields on a Misty Morning

Photograph 223

I just got my driver's license and I've been waiting for a good photo opportunity, so when I saw there was a lovely fog I decided to take a drive and take photos. :) These birds were all sitting in the fields and flew up when I got too close. It was awesome, this field isn't very big (for a farm), and is bordered with roads, but when you got out in the middle you couldn't see the cars on the roads anymore (although on a clear day you definitely could have.)

221. - Grey seas

Photograph 222

220. - Seagulls swimming in the Dusk

Photograph 221

219. - Truck

Photograph 220

Our town has a sort of dumping ground back in our woods (it belongs to the water department, they keep all the snowplows and stuff in a building back there), but they have all sorts of interesting and slightly creepy junk back there. Like this car getting eaten by weeds. Oh, and I messed with it on Picnik....

218. - Trees in a Snowy Field

Photograph 219

217. - Snowy Field

Photograph 218

I convinced my mom to pull over and let me take photos. :)

216. - Tree

Photograph 217

I don't remember what kind of tree this is. :(

215. - Snow-covered Thorns

Photograph 216

214. - Bicycle Wheel

Photograph 215

A broken bike.

213. - Wooden Walkway

Photograph 214

It was in the middle of nowhere.

212. - Stormy Seas (part 2)

Photograph 213

211. - Stormy Sea

Photograph 211

The waves were really high that day, even though it's hard to tell in this photo.

210. - Pebbles in a Tidal Pool

Photograph 210

209. - Ocean

Photograph 209

This is RI in March, it looks a lot warmer than it is.

208. - Ironwork over the Ocean

Photograph 208

207. - Balustrade

Photograph 207

Here's more Balustrade.

206. - Marble Balustrade

Photograph 206

Isn't 'Balustrade' a fun word?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

205. - Kayaks

Photograph 205

Um, yeah.

204. - Walking along the Seashore

Photograph 204

Two boys walking along the beach.

203. - Leaf-strewn stairs

Photograph 203
Interestingly, the Cliffwalk (Newport, RI) were made by the PWA (or one of those other New Deal relief programs), which I happened to be reading about in American History. Well, I thought it was interesting.

202. - "Will you Marry Me?"

Photograph 202

This was written along the cliffwalk. We walked by at the same time as a gaggle of girls, they all stopped and started cooing over it. lol.

201. - "Maybe" by Carl Sandburg

Photograph 201

Someone wrote this poem on steps leading up from the ocean. Funnily enough, when we walked a bit further down the Cliffwalk someone had written "will you marry me?" (next photo), in what appears to be sharpie on a stone overlooking the ocean. My dad, upon reading this poem, said something along the lines of "She's indecisive. Make up your mind already."

200. - Little Brother

Photograph 200

Here's my little brother dressed up as a "gangster" looking at a mansion.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

199. - Fall at the Factory

Photograph 199

From the Factory near our friend's house.

198. - Bathtub

Photograph 198

Who takes a picture of a bathtub?

197. - "Letters"

Photograph 197

I guess this is where you put the Letters.

196. - Doorhandle

Photograph 196

195. - Trees at Bryce

Photograph 195

194. - Rock Wall

Photograph 194

From our walk down the Narrows, Zion national canyon.

193. - House beneath a boulder

Photograph 193

An interesting abandoned "house" next to the road.

192. - Bushes in the Desert

Photograph 192

Another photo of our trip out West. :)

191. - Cows in the Fields

Photograph 191

From our trip out West.

190. - Doorway

Photograph 190

189. - Seagulls

Photograph 189

From our trip to Florida.