Tuesday, April 13, 2010

235. - Girl

Photograph 235

Walking through the woods in Easter clothes.

234. - A Pink Flowered Tree

Photograph 234

Nobody in my family knows what kind of tree this is... I think it's cherry, but I'm not sure.

233. - Doggie

Photograph 233

He barked at me.

232. - Church

Photograph 232

A boarded up old church.

231. - Bamboo

Photograph 231

Near a stream over at our neighbor's house.

230. - Red Barn

Photograph 230

A red barn at the end of our street. Some guy there uses it as a workshop and makes crafts there.... bunny hutches, wreaths, stuff like that. I messed with it on Picnik and made everything B&W except for the barn, then I set a tint on it.

229. - Mugs

Photograph 229

Coffee mugs in a shop window.